Since Batman: The Enemy Within was revealed at San Diego Comic Con last month, fans have been eager to hear what new directions the iconic vigilante’s story will progress in when the game finally releases. Excitingly, not only will the upcoming Telltale game provide a new look at fan-favorite villains such as The Riddler, but also it will see players creating a Joker of their very own.

According to a new blog post by James Windeler, Lead Writer of episode one of Batman: The Enemy Within, John Doe will be a returning character from the original Telltale title. For those who didn’t play the first installment of the Batman series, Doe is a sort of “Proto-Joker,” a man on the brink of madness who has helped Bruce in the past and now has reason to believe that his new friend owes him a favor.

“We want fans to know that their relationship with John Doe (and eventually, the Joker) is something they’ll be affecting with the decisions they make throughout the season. As Batman and Bruce attempt to stop the immediate threat to Gotham, John will be watching your every move and learning from your choices.”