The time is finally here for Overwatch fans as Doomfist has now been unlocked for all players in the game’s competitive gamemode. The latest Talon operative to join the roster, Doomfist is an Offense hero, capable of turning the tide of battle with quick and brutal elimations.

Now that the gauntlet-weilding mercenary has finally joined the battle, Overwatch players will have to adapt the game’s ever-changing meta to fit around the recent addition. It’s unlikely that the game will change too heavily however, as Doomfist’s incredible manoeuvrability makes him a perfect fit for the current Dive Comp dominated gameplay.

One thing the Nigerian former martial artist does bring to the table however, is a replacement to the recently-nerfed Roadhog. While the Australian outlaw is no longer able to eliminate players with a single combo as easily, Doomfist excels at picking off squishy heroes, often with a single Rocket Punch. What’s more, the new hero will help bypass heroes such as Reinhardt by breaking through their barrier defenses.

Of course, the hero also has his flaws and must be played with great care in order to ensure that the user does not place themselves at a disadvantage. Counter-picks such as Sombra and Orisa may also see an increase in use, though they aren’t the only way to counter Doomfist.

As usual, many players are sure to be a little sceptical about using the new character in competitive play, especially since Doomfist has only been available on all platforms since last week, but it won’t be long before the Talon associate fits comfortably into the game. Already fans are calling out for clues surrounding the game’s next addition and one questionable hero leak has already been put forward as containing the next Overwatch hero.

Doomfist isn’t the only reason to boot up the Blizzard client again though, as the Overwatch Summer Games are almost upon us. With Lucioball and a range of new skins being made available, there’s no better time to return to the team-based shooter.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter