After months of waiting, gamers can finally play as Doomfist in Blizzard’s Overwatch, as the character released on the game’s PTR just last week. When the update files added the highly-anticipated character to the game, they came without any of the Nigerian mercenary’s skins but fans can now see every Doomfist cosmetic that the title has to offer.

As usual, Doomfist has a collection of slight color changes for his Rare skins: Daisy, Lake, Plains, and Sunset. After that, the melee-fighter has two epic skins, Cheetah and Painted, which significantly change the hero’s appearance. Finally, the Overwatch hero will launch with four legendary skins: Caution, Irin, Avatar, and Spirit. Some of the skins focus on the character’s heritage and country of origin, while others highlight his robotic fist. One of the looks even has the character looking a bit like Jack from Tekken, complete with metallic skin.