With the latest addition to the Overwatch roster recently being revealed, many fans have wondered why Blizzard didn’t simply follow fan requests and get popular actor Terry Crews to voice the gauntlet-weilding mercenary. Of course, while fans will always miss what could have been, the developer had its reasons for hiring Sahr Ngaujah to play Doomfist instead.

In a recent interview with Gamespot, Blizzard Senior Designer Michael Chu revealed the company’s reasons for not using Crews for the voice of the latest Overwatch hero.

“We love Terry. Terry’s awesome. He came and visited us. We had a great time. But when we were looking for Doomfist, we were looking for something very specific given his role in the game and everything. When we were early in the audition process, we heard Sahr, who’s the actor who plays Doomfist, and he just blew us away immediately. Once we heard his voice, it was like, ‘Holy crap. That’s Doomfist.’”